MAME WR No. 9 – 19XX: The War Against Destiny

Developed and released by Capcom in 1995, 19XX is the penultimate entry in the 194X series and the final shoot-em-up (for the time being) in this ridiculous challenge of mine.  And as the rest of the series before it, it’s standard 1942 going ons but according to Wikipedia this one “takes place before a fictional war (Hence, the 19XX) as a lone pilot tries to defeat an entire army/evil organization from starting another World War, which soon escalates to a nuclear apocalypse.”   That sounds an incredibly important mission and ‘evil organisation’ is much more tactful than ‘hordes of Japs’.

The current high score, 4,325,600, is held by Russell Hugo and compared to the rest of the top 10, is pretty high so this could be tricky.

Lets get shooting…again…

When starting you get the choice of three different planes. The standard ‘hero’ of the 194X series, the P-38 Lightning, a mosquito (no not the insect you dummy) and a Shinden. All have pros and cons. P-38 quick but weak. Mosquito slow but powerful. Shinden really quick and medium. The game begins with a stealth bomber and it’s cronies taking out the aircraft which is currently carrying you. Not sure where to. Maybe for a McDonalds fly-thru perhaps? You manage to escape intact and then it’s business as usual. Shoot every oncoming enemy or you die a horrible death. There’s no energy bar this time so the action isn’t as intense and making it through the first stage intact is straightforward enough. You’re equipped with smart bombs again and by holding down the bomb button you can charge it up for greater impact. The same goes for your standard shot too but aim the charge at a enemy and your shots lock on for a brief period allowing you to move onto other enemies whilst finishing off the former. A nice feature.
After a few attempts, it becomes apparent that in the key to achieving a high score is finishing off the bosses as quick as possible to acheive an S Rank rating. A Rank and beyond result in meagre scores by comparison. This is easier said than done however. To achieve S rank on the first level for example requires you to finish him off in 10 seconds or less. RSI-tastic.
The first time I manage to acheive this results in a score of 1,078,000 placing me 9th. I make it through the the 3rd level but miss out on an S Rank on the 2nd level boss.

The next go sees me score 1,139,100 leaving me still in 9th posistion and once again 3rd level is reached but with only an A Rank for defating the 2nd level boss. Unless I get an S Rank i’m getting nowhere near that world record…
Finally. An S Rank on the 2nd level boss and it shows in the score. I manage to make a complete hash of the 3rd level, dying where I have no right to from sheer stupidity, but still a score of 1,770,800 isn’t to be sniffed at. This puts me at 5th and that’s where I’m staying.  I could improve on this score given enough time and effort but the previous 8 games in this challenge have all been shoot-em-ups and all but one of these from the 194X series.  My sanity cannot take much more of this!  I think it’s time to move on people.  Move on to bigger and better genres.  Ones where my right arm doesn’t ache so much.

Next up; 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge

Download the inp.

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