Shit-Hot Fuzz

I’ve just returned from a lazy Sunday daytime visit to the cinema to watch Hot Fuzz. Not sure if the film is a commentary on the social dynamics of small countryside villages and the mindset of the people therein or a piss funny homage to the American Buddy Cop films. Somewhere between the two methinks. As a big fan of Spaced and Shaun of the Dead I did wonder if the same team of Pegg, Frost and Wright could do it again but they manage to pull it off with aplomb. It’s certainly the funniest British film about coppers since Cannon & Ball made The Boys In Blue. I am joking of course, that was cack. Although the theme tune was quite catchy.

Look out for it popping up on a Guilty Pleasures compilation anytime soon.

Chaka Mad and Crying Doves

The 43rd NFL/American football/Grid Iron Superbowl was played over the weekend (some team won) and the powers that be deemed Prince be a more appropriate performer for the half time show since Janet Jackson had her “slip” and caused mass hysteria across the entire US. So the guy who sang you sexy motherfucker, changes his name to a symbol and protests against his record contract using crayola all over his face is a “safe bet”? Riiiiight….. As it happens his performance apparently went without a hitch but I hope they had big screens up for the audience as Prince is so small he can fit in a match box. Thinking of his strange antics reminded me of one of my favourite directors, Kevin Smith, telling an audience about his firsthand experiences with the Purple Paisley one from his An Evening with Kevin Smith DVD;

Part 1

Part 2

If you thought that was funny you can check out his blog or movies.