It’s a long time since I blogged on here.  We have busy lives don’t we but I’ve popped my head above the parapet today to put forth my two penneth on today’s referendum outcome… (expecting TLDR)

I voted to remain, purely on the admittedly simplistic notion, that by remaining in the EU meant that we we could still influence outcomes in Europe and that being at the table we’re better in that out. In an increasingly interconnected world, to remove ourselves in this way, is, in my opinion, a regressive move. There are counter arguments to this of course which I’m sure someone will present if they can be so bothered. But for me I was remain on this basis.

However, again, my opinion, what has led to the leave vote coming out on top, is the influence that the low paid, lower social class areas has had where people really do see EU immigration changing their communities, where the low paid zero contract employees are fighting for work in an increasingly congested workplace. The people without mortgages due to aforementioned zero hour contracts, without stocks and shares. As far as they’re concerned, what benefits them from staying in? They’re not concerned about their stock portfolio and value of their second property. They’re undoubtedly concerned about the NHS but that’s a bloody mess right now as it is.

To add, this is not racist behaviour. They’re not bigots. These people don’t hate polish/czech/french (insert EU member here) people. Granted some do but there’s bigots and racists throughout all class levels so lets be adult in these discussions. There simply isn’t 51.9% of racists jumping for joy today. You know this so lets not fall back on the racist and bigot card. It’s regressive and reductive to boil down to that. You know someone who has voted leave. Are they racist? More than likely not.

What you’re seeing here is a result of people not being engaged by governments term after term, not having their concerns, whether legitimate or otherwise, being tabled for fear of being racist or simply ignored. The great unheard that exists outside of westminster. Given their chance to vote and speak up they’ve bloodied the noses of those who chose to not listen or represent them in the only way they felt they could have some say.

I don’t agree with today’s outcome and it’s not what I wanted but I can see where it’s come from but that’s democracy.

So on that, we’re on the ride now whether you’re leave or remain and we have to make the best of it so lets pull together on these shores if not in Europe.

That was exhausting and I’d rather be a Glastonbury this time of year as I normally am but hey ho…

Right, who fancies a pint of british real ale? 😛