Saturday is Classic Saturday #32

There’s no disputing today’s classic.  Looking for an old school breakbeat classic to get the block jumping?   Steal power from a nearby street light, thrown down some lino and bust some moves.  A staple of B-Boys and B-Girls everywhere that has the Kool Herc seal of approval so who am I to argue?

James Brown – Turn It Up or Turn It Loose (1969)

Take his advice kids.

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Saturday is Classic Saturday #31

I think you’d agree with me in saying that three months since the last Classic Saturday is sorry state of affairs. I’ve been a busy boy doing, erm, well, erm, not a lot really. My only excuses being laziness and apathy so with that in mind and to assist in a forcible blowing of the cobwebs, this week’s Classic Saturday is One Armed Scissor by At The Drive In. Taken from ATDI’s swansong album, Relationship of Command, before they went their separate ways to form The Mars Volta and Sparta, it’s a blistering 3 minute and 45 seconds guaranteed to drag you kicking and screaming into Saturday. Enjoy it you groovy kids.

At The Drive In – “One Armed Scissor” (2000)

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Saturday is Classic Saturday #29

For your ears this week it’s hardcore rave from nearly 20 years ago. The word classic gets bandied around a lot in music, especially here on a Saturday, but they don’t come much more classic than this. For some this will conjure up memories of raves in fields, for others sticky nightclub dance floors, flared dungarees and dodgy tie dies. For me it’s my final school year and GCSE hell but time can’t temper the in-your-face Hoover noise that this track delivers after all the years. All together; “I Wanna Kiss Myself!”

Human Resource – Dominator (1991)

Saturday is Classic Saturday #27

This week, complete with vinyl crackles, is the wonderful Les Fleur by Minnie Riperton. A member of Rotary Connection and better known  for her smash hit Lovin You, she passed away aged 31 after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She did however leave behind a legacy of wonderful music. La Fleur is the opening track on the classic 1970 album Come To My Garden, the first of her six solo albums. It’s one you should know if you don’t know. Enjoy.

Minnie Riperton – Les Fleur (1970)

Saturday is Classic Saturday #25

With the excellent I’m New Here, Gil Scott-Heron’s first album for 16 years (listen via his website) out on Monday, it’s time to revisit one of his bona-fide classics on today’s “Saturday is…”. When faced with The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Home is Where The Hatred Is and Almost Lost Detroit to name but a few it’s not easy to pick just the one but I’m going with this beauty;

The Bottle (1974)

If that’s your cup of tea you can do worse than pick up the Winter in America album from whence it came. While you’re here check out “Me And The Devil” from his new album for a more modern take on things;

Remember…Keep it classic.