Sometimes the Internet is too weird… Part 2

Back in October I linked to a video on YouTube which frankly was too weird even for me.  Featuring a Japanese guy play bass whilst dressed in a dress which climaxed in him drinking poisoned milk or some such.  It was four minutes of down right oddness.  Well the guy is back with more freaky shit.

Afraid?  Yeah.  Me too.  Well get ready as he promises “I WILL UPLOAD MORE BASS PLAYING VIDEOS.”   More??? There’s no bass in this video!  Crikey.  Only in Japan… What NSFW was invented for…

So…  What an odd place that is. I first heard about it in an article in The Guardian Technology section.  Not for nothing does the article call it the “web’s weirdest outpost”. The site will randomly connect you and your webcam (should you choose to enable it) to a complete stranger’s webcam for an anonymous chat.   No login required, registration required, you just click and go.  You’ve no idea who’ll you get next.  Aside from dodging erections, amongst others I’ve had an half session with a chatty couple getting stoned on a Friday afternoon in Seattle,  an Iranian who couldn’t speak English but could converse in Techno, a girl who wanted me get my knob out, a man whose was completely covered in tin foil, a fat man shagging a stuffed raccoon and a toy camel who promised to answer any question I had.

This video, hosted over on Vimeo gives a decent overview;

and watch the following for a wacko sing into it.

If you do get chatting to someone halfway human it can be a laugh. However, I warn you though, if you get entrenched on there clicking next over and over, as someone pointed out over on the Guardian comments section “it’s a day destroyer”.

Whale I Never!

Crazy news day. A bottlenose whale has managed to swim up the River Clyde in Glasgow, just over a mile from the city centre.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) vet Cameron McPherson said he was worried the animal was unwell.
Mr McPherson said: “The glimpses of it I’ve had myself have been very fleeting, but the concern I do have is that it appears to have some muscle wastage across its back muscles, which would indicate it is in a negative energy balance and that it hasn’t been eating well for quite some time, which again doesn’t bode well.”

They better get a move on and come to it’s aid sharpish. Leave it any later and it’ll end up battered and deep fried. The Sassanachs seem to do it to everything else…

American fined for smoking bong containing cat

According to a recent Guardian article a US man has been fined for smoking a bong containing a cat.  Yeah you read that correctly.  It’s not April 1st either.  Apparently he did it to calm the cat down and according to the man “Lots of people do this, I’m just the first to get caught'”.  The cat was taken in two months ago from friends who had abused it.  Oh the irony.

The cat has yet to comment.  At the time of going to press it was out at KFC in preparation for a Star Wars and Lord of the Rings back to back marathon…