www.chatroulette.com What NSFW was invented for…

So…chatroulette.com.  What an odd place that is. I first heard about it in an article in The Guardian Technology section.  Not for nothing does the article call it the “web’s weirdest outpost”. The site will randomly connect you and your webcam (should you choose to enable it) to a complete stranger’s webcam for an anonymous chat.   No login required, registration required, you just click and go.  You’ve no idea who’ll you get next.  Aside from dodging erections, amongst others I’ve had an half session with a chatty couple getting stoned on a Friday afternoon in Seattle,  an Iranian who couldn’t speak English but could converse in Techno, a girl who wanted me get my knob out, a man whose was completely covered in tin foil, a fat man shagging a stuffed raccoon and a toy camel who promised to answer any question I had.

This video, hosted over on Vimeo gives a decent overview;

and watch the following for a wacko sing into it.

If you do get chatting to someone halfway human it can be a laugh. However, I warn you though, if you get entrenched on there clicking next over and over, as someone pointed out over on the Guardian comments section “it’s a day destroyer”.

Joshua and ChannelBee.com

Due the new arrival of wee man grub Joshua in to the household life has been a sick fueled, dirty nappy, hectic/stressful/tying/tiring/emotional/rewarding (delete as applicable) life-changing experience to say the least. After 5 weeks old, no matter what anyone tries to tell you beforehand, it is apparent that when hurricane baby hits your household there is no preparing for it. I’ve lost count of the times Joshua has managed to piss and puke on me. I thought I’d seen it all until I’d seen my newborn son fire fresh feaces across his changing mat and into the smallest of gaps on his changing table so that despite gallons of Dettol it’s sure to lodged in the woodgrain forever. I only have a vague recollection of this occurrence (and that’s enough to be honest) as it happened at such a speed I doubt that the world’s fastest camera would have been able to capture it.

Between feeds, nappy changes, making bottles up and going to the day job I occasionally find time for myself. Occasionally…. This at least goes someway to explaining why the updates have been so sparse though. It was one of these moments to myself that I settled down to watch UNKLE live via ChannelBee.com last night. ChannelBee.com is Tim Lovejoy’s new online venture and it’s not half bad actually. Only in it’s second week or so, it’s Tim and the old Soccer AM team, Fenners, Sheephead, Neil the Square, Tramp, etc doing what they do best. There are the usual sketches, shit jokes somehow made good, music features, football discussions, celeb interviews all online with no buffering (provided you install the Move Media Player the site uses). So far so good for most of the content but most impressive so far are the series of live gigs they’ve broadcasted. Aside from the aforementioned UNKLE gig last night which was superb, they the have the following coming up over the next week;

  • Lupe Fiasco – 14/07/2008
  • We Are Scientists – 15/07/2008
  • The Feeling – 17/07/2008
  • Duffy – 18/07/2008

Personally, The Feeling can fuck off as they are nothing more than Cliff Richard in band form but the others are certainly worth tuning in for (if you can call it tuning-in when it’s via the web….). Don’t worry if you’ve missed out on the previous gigs by the likes of The Fratellis, Late Of The Pier, Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong, Pigeon Detectives and Kebab Shop Man (who is ace btw). Have a gander. It’s worth it.