17-01-08 – VideoGaiden

After close to 30 years of home consoles and computers, the modern media has always struggled to bring to televison a show which covers gaming and isn’t plain shit. From being a young lad in the 80s watching spotty gimps play Paperboy and Hyper Sports on First Class, Gamesmaster and Bad Infuence in the early 90s, the absolute bag of shit which was Games-World (only good for featuring a leather clad Jet from Gladiators), through to Bits, Thumb Bandits, Bravo’s Gamer TV there has always been something missing for the people who a) aren’t kids, b) have some intelligence, c) manage to fit in gaming around a social life and beer. Even in this day and age of a thousand channels transmitted directly into the idiot box in the corner of your room, the only “dedicated” channel is, which is another graduate from the Why Don’t You school of TV.

So this brings me to Attempt #5631 by UK broadcasters to try and create a half decent adult based gaming show which doesn’t make you want to claw your eyes out and stick the squashed up remains into your ears. The BBC, specifically BBC Scotland, have managed to make it to series 3 of VideoGaiden, which is actually half decent, and you don’t even have to be in Scotland to watch it. You can watch Episode One below but you can watch the entire third series at the show’s website. Be aware that it features some potty mouthed languague. Of course that’s only a good thing but try not to have it on if the in-laws are round for tea though…