MAME WR No. 10 – 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge

2 on 2 was released by Midway in 1995 and is essentially an Ice Hockey version of NBA Jam.  I used to throw money into NBA Jam back in the day.  Playing as Scottie Pippen or Shaq, that game captured the speed and frentics of basketball.  2 on 2 probably does the same.  If you like Ice Hockey…  You see, I’m a Brit and we play our hockey on grass.  No one is the UK is interested in Ice Hockey (unless you’re from Sheffield and even then you’d be hard pressed to find 2 people in the same room at any one time who actually goes to watch the Steelers).  So it is with this mindset I approach 2 on 2.

The special rules as set down by Twin Galaxies for this state;

You MUST play the entire game through all 3 Periods [And Overtime if it applies] and win by at least 1 point. This game will use Special Blowout Rules for final score, where it is tabulated by how many points you have won the game by. [Ex. If you beat the computer 16-4, your final score will then be 12, which is how many points you won by.

The present high score shows a 10 point victory margin and was set by Craig Rout Gallant.

My first go is atrocious although whether this is down to ability or the godawful-ness of the game is open to debate.  Perhaps a bit of both.  You get to choose your team from an official roster.  I plump for Edmonton Oilers.   The team is made up of 3 hockey players.  2 out on the ice and 1 goalie. However, you can only control one.  The CPU controls the others two.  Although to appease you somewhat you are allowed to decide when the CPU shoots or passes.  Good job as the CPU is a greedy twat, who never ever passes to you of his own volition.  Some times you can pull of crazy shots.  You’re player gets bigger or does a spinning jump or turns on fire.  How I managed these I have no idea but it’s in keeping with NBA Jam at least.  I eventually win 9-6 giving me a Blowout Score of 3.  Woo.  Although I hasten to add this was more luck than skill.  I had close to no idea as to what the fuck was going on.

I persist for several more goes in an attempt to improve on the score but fail miserably.  It truly seems that there is no gaming skill required

other than twat the opponents when they have the puck and pass then shoot when you have the puck.  Sheer luck dictates whether the goalie saves it.

Eventually I manage a score of 11-5 giving me a blowout score of 6 and placing me joint 3rd.  My playcount on MAME says 9 and it’s not going any higher.  If I play this any longer, before I know it, I’ll be packing a lunch and finding a clock tower…

Next up; 3 Count Bout
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3 thoughts on “MAME WR No. 10 – 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge”

  1. I am the current WR holder on this, and there certainly is a fair amount of luck involved. There is certainly potential to have 20+ goal blowouts in this game if lucky is entirely on your side 😉 I might have to play this again sometime to see if I can push the score up higher.

    1. Hiya. Nice to see you and even nicer you bothered to post a comment !

      I noticed there was a lot of luck involved and dare I say a lot of patience from yourself?

      I’m not sure I could ever go back to it but good luck on improving your score!

  2. Thanks. I forget how I stumbled upon your blog to begin with, but I was surprised to see my name mentioned 😛

    Yes, I’ve played a fairly substantial amount of games of this to get my score, which I have actually since improved marginally to a blowout of 11. That being said, the record on Mame Action Replay (MARP: is actually a 15 goal blowout!

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