MAME WR No. 15 – Dr. Micro

“Doctor Doctor my arcade cab has no PCB.”
“How does it work?”

This time around over on the excellent Ten Pence Arcade the high score challenge is for Dr Micro.  I think it’s fair to say we’re familiar with all the Drs.  Drs Watson, Mario, Spock, Oetker and the most famous, Alban but not so much the titular Dr Micro of this wondrous retro throwback.   Developed by Sanritsu, who would later go on to create the classic Bank Panic for Sega, and released in 1983, Dr Micro is a three screen platformer clearly drawing inspiration from Donkey Kong.  You control what one assumes to be the hero of the game.  A hero which looks to be a toddler in earmuffs wearing a jump suit in colours not dissimilar to Donkey Kong’s Jumpman.  Hey, if you can’t innovate, imitate right?  The toddler has to progress through the three aforementioned screens towards a climactic showdown with an evil scientist (he’s evil because he has a moustache) who bears a striking resemblance to Dr Eggman before the biscuit and pie addiction took hold.

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MAME WR No. 14 – Fantasy Zone II

Fantasy Zone II

Time to smash those world records again.  The lads over on Ten Pence Arcade this week have chosen Fantasy Zone II by Sega.  All together now, hands in the air.  Let me be your fantasy! (…erm Zone…ahem…)  This is the very game that inspired Baby D to write and release the smash number one hit, only to be knocked off the top spot by East 17 with saccharine Christmas hit stay another day.  True story. Well some of it.

Developed by Sega, Fantasy Zone II is a sequel to, yes you guessed it Fantasy Zone. Whereas the original was an arcade hit ported to the console market, namely the Sega Master System, the sequel was a console original which was ported to the arcades.  Playchoice-10 aside it’s not often the way of things so it must be pretty special right…?

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MAME WR No. 13 – Juno First

Juno First

The bi-weekly challenge thing over at the Ten Pence Arcade Podcast this time round has been Juno First.  Despite my age (yes old enough to remember fruit based drink Quatro) I can’t ever recall seeing or playing this in the arcades in my yoof so it was nice to have an attempt at something that didn’t steal countless 10 pence off me back in day…

Developed by Konami and released in 1983, Juno First is a vertical scrolling shooter which, Xevious being the notable exception, was something of a novelty back in the day.

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Back At It


It’s a looooong time since I’ve fired up MAME and had myself a blast at taking some high scores down.  After catching up with my good friend cNp at Glasto, conversation turned, as it often does, to gaming.   Gaming of both new and days of yore and as one conversation turned from Breath of the Wild, to JAMMA boards, to Vectrex and beyond, he put me onto a podcast about retro arcades, 10 Pence Arcade.  Not only do these guys wax lyrical about old cabs and where to find them, upcoming meets and general 1cc goodness they also contain a nice and friendly high score challenge which runs over the two weeks until the next podcast goes up.  If you’ve been following this site over the years (12 years…. crikey) then you’ll remember I went a bit bonkers not so long ago trying to work through MAME attempting to crack the world records on Twin Galaxies.  I wasn’t massively successful (I currently hold a grand total of one and that’ll be be easy to beat if you’re arsed) but it was a laugh.   You can se all the previous messes by checking the world record attempt over there on the sidebar.  It’s not pretty… So with that I’m back at it and you can blame @chrisnparsons for that…  Next I’ll be building a cab in my garage or some shit.

MAME WR No. 12 – 4 En Raya

In preparation for this I couldn’t find any background to the game whatsoever. Even the hallowed KLOV website has no details regarding it. So anything I write here is based purely on playing the game.

4 en Raya was released in 1990 (not that you’d believe it by looking at it) by IDSA. The title translates as 4 in a row and that’s essentially what it is. Connect 4 but with a few twists. You can shoot your opponents tiles before they’re dropped. You can collect spiders and worms which fill the empty columns for bonus point and erm…erm…erm that seems to be it.

So, have you ever yearned to play Connect 4 on old hardware with terrible sound? What? No you say? Yeah, me neither but I’m going to have to…

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MAME WR No. 11 – 3 Count Bout

When I was 14, I loved watching WWF.  Hulk Hogan caving Jake The Snake Roberts face in.  Macho Man Randy Savage’s ongoing saga with Miss Elizabeth.  The Undertaker locking Ultimate Warrior in an airtight coffin and suffocating him.   All high points and all, along with the fights themselves, 100% real despite my father telling me otherwise.  Now of course, plenty of years later, I know that it’s just big sweaty men, play acting and in a word bollocks. I probably owe my father an apology.  So, with this in mind, I’m approaching this game tentatively.  Modern day “wrestling is wank” Sull is going to have to take a back seat for the time being to 14 year old “wrestling is ace” Sull…

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MAME WR No. 10 – 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge

2 on 2 was released by Midway in 1995 and is essentially an Ice Hockey version of NBA Jam.  I used to throw money into NBA Jam back in the day.  Playing as Scottie Pippen or Shaq, that game captured the speed and frentics of basketball.  2 on 2 probably does the same.  If you like Ice Hockey…  You see, I’m a Brit and we play our hockey on grass.  No one is the UK is interested in Ice Hockey (unless you’re from Sheffield and even then you’d be hard pressed to find 2 people in the same room at any one time who actually goes to watch the Steelers).  So it is with this mindset I approach 2 on 2.

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MAME WR No. 9 – 19XX: The War Against Destiny

Developed and released by Capcom in 1995, 19XX is the penultimate entry in the 194X series and the final shoot-em-up (for the time being) in this ridiculous challenge of mine.  And as the rest of the series before it, it’s standard 1942 going ons but according to Wikipedia this one “takes place before a fictional war (Hence, the 19XX) as a lone pilot tries to defeat an entire army/evil organization from starting another World War, which soon escalates to a nuclear apocalypse.”   That sounds an incredibly important mission and ‘evil organisation’ is much more tactful than ‘hordes of Japs’.

The current high score, 4,325,600, is held by Russell Hugo and compared to the rest of the top 10, is pretty high so this could be tricky.

Lets get shooting…again…

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MAME WR No. 8 – 1945k III

Initially I assumed, what with this being called 1945, that it was further entry in Capcom’s 194X series of games.  Well blow my cock off and call me wrong. It sounds like one, looks like one but it’s not made by Capcom and it has nothing to do with the aforementioned series whatsoever.  It was actually developed and released in 2000 by Olympic Soft and, after a initial few goes, it transpires it’s a pretty nondescript vertical shooter…  The current MAME high score recorded over at Twin Galaxies, held by Antonio Filho, is 3,070,200.

So let’s see where we can get with this one…

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MAME WR No. 7 – 1944: The Loop Master

Released in by Capcom in 2000 , this is the 5th in the 194X series of shooters and…look, you know the drill by now. World War II. Pacific Theatre. Fly a P-38. Collect Stuff and shoot the japanese out of the sky without a care in the world (and thus making an empty place at the dinner table this Christmas despite the Japanese not being a Christian country and not celebrating it anyway). And as I’m becoming a bit sick of this series by now and I’ve got another two to play after this so lets crack on shall we…

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