MAME WR No. 3 – 10-Yard Fight

After the not so good 005, we move on to a classic (at least on the NES), 10-Yard Fight.  Developed by IREM in 1983 10-Yard Fight was allegedly the first slightly realistic American football video game ever released.  You start the game as the offense and the goal (no pun intended) is to score a touchdown in the time allotted to go from high school and college ball all the way to the Pros and the Super Bowl.

The Arcade World Record is 295,100 and is held by Mike Macy.
The MAME World Record is 258,250 and is held by Kirby Laurence.

These are darn high considering the machine’s high score is 36,500.

So we begin…

The defense starts by punting the ball down to myself after which I collect and have to advance as far up the field as I can without being tackled whilst surrounded by my team members who will, if I direct them to, protect me.    Once tackled you take the role of the quarter back who, after receiving the ball in the snap, either passes to the running back or down field to the wide receiver, to make the required 10yards for the next down.  All this whilst avoiding being tackled or having the pass intercepted, which results in a 20 yard penalty.

The first thing that is immediately apparent is the time limit, whilst starting at 60 seconds, goes down quicker than Jordan at an Ibizan party.  If you’re intercepted and put back 20 yards it’s a massive handicap.

First go yields a score of 3,150 then I realize you can slip out of a tackle with a quick shake of the joystick…  Wish I had the fucking instructions.

After a few more goes and armed with my “new move” I manage to pull off a few successful passes and endure more shitty interceptions and achieve a score of 10,950.  The interceptions are wank though.  There’s no perception of height of player or mid flight ball.  If the ball goes near the opposition they’ll nab it.  Pfft.  Anyhow, it’s a nice improvement but it’s going to need some work to even dent the top 10.  10th place has a score of 105,150.

Attempt 10;  27,550.  Getting the hang of this now, managed to score a touch down. Messed up the goal kick however.  After a few goes it’s not a bad little game this, interceptions aside.  I can certainly see why it was a hit on the NES.  Simple and has that “just one more go” factor.  It would make a great mobile phone game.

Attempt 17; 35,300.  Scored two touchdowns, finally scored a field goal, got to see a badly animated cut scene of cheerleaders flashing their knickers but lost to the College team.  When playing the college team though you get less starting time.  Shitheads.

Attempt 25; 44,150

Attempt 40; 52,650 and the game has lost it’s charm a bit now…  A few more goes and then it’s getting submitted.

Would have been nice to break 100,000 and make the top 10 though.  I reckon those scores have been hit using strategic interceptions if you ask me but hey ho.  Can’t spend too much time on this wee fella.  I’ve got shed loads to get through.

Next up; 1941: Counter Attack

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