The Weekend Has Landed

Well. It’s Friday. Thank god. The first week back at work is always an absolute ball ache even more so when the majority of it is spent in a server room pissing about with firewalls in close to sub zero temperatures. I swear at one point a penguin pulled my cabling out.

What to do now the weekend is finally here? Xbox? MAME record attempts? Piano practice? Veg in front of the TV. The latter will most certainly be on the agenda on Sunday as it’s the Manchester derby.

City are looking good so far this season but Adebayor, their star player of the season so far, is suspended so I’m predicting a 2-1 victory for United. However, I expect City to score first as United never make it easy for themselves. Who do I have down to open the scoring for City? Oh, Tevez of course.

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