MAME WR No. 1 – ’88 Games

So I should really put my money where my mouth is and crack on with the MAME World Record attempts I mentioned in my earlier post

First up is ’88 Games by KonamiIt’s Konami’s third game in their button smashing series following Track and Field and Hyper Sports before it.  A quick check of Twin Galaxies show that they have a record for each of the individual events.  Now this might prove to be a problem as you can only move onto the next event once you’ve qualified for the preceding event.   The events are as follows with the Twin Galaxies record against each;

  • 100m Dash : 09.470 secs
  • Long Jump : 10.31 meters
  • 400m Relay (Qualifying Heat): 33.060 secs
  • Skeet Shooting : 20,000
  • 110m Hurdles : 11.440 secs
  • Archery : 5,150
  • Javelin : 108.48 meters
  • High Jump : 2.32 meters
  • 400m Relay – The Final Race : 33.060 secs

So lets see how I get on…

Attempt 1
100m Dash : 12.22
Long Jump: 7.13
400m Qualifying :38.64
Skeet Shooting : 1000pts

Skeet Shooting does me.  It’s far harder than Hyper Sports.  You have to move the gun too?!?  Well, after that shitfest this could turn out to be quite difficult.  I never was good at these button bashing games anyway.

Attempt 2

All scores worse than attempt 1 and RSI has set in already.

Attempt 3

An improvement in all areas…

100m Dash : 11.96 (would place me 5th in the WR standings)
Long Jump: 7.63 (3rd in WR standings)
400m Qualifying :37.24 (5th a.k.a last…)
Skeet Shooting : 3400pts (6th a.k.a last…)

Those WRs look a long way off…

Attempt 9 – 400m Qualifying :36.44 (Still last).  This is becoming tiresome now.  I’ve no idea how to do the High Jump either.  Pfffffft.  My self imposed cut off point for submitting my scores is 50 attempts and then that’s it.  They’re only short anyway.

Combined best results after 50 attempts are as follows;

100m Dash : 11.49 (would place me 5th in the WR standings)
Long Jump: 9.60 (Joint 2nd)
400m Qualifying :35.40(5th a.k.a last…)
Skeet Shooting : 12000pts (Joint 4th)
110m Hurdles 13.30 (2rd)
Archery : 5150pts (Joint 1st)
Javelin:  82.00meters (3rd)

Well that’s that cleared that up. I’m still shite at the old button bashers and I still can’t fathom the High Jump.  Gash.  I will now move on to something else before my arms drop off…  Next up  – 005 by Sega

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