MAME WR No. 4 – 1941: Counter Attack

1941: Counter Attack

Developed by Capcom (always a stamp of quality in my eyes) and released in 1990 this is the three-quel (?) to the vertical scrolling classic 1942.  (The sequel being 1943: Battle Of Midway).    It’s still a standard vertical shump and as in 1942 the player collects power ups and shoots the hell out of all oncoming enemies whilst avoiding the shit they sling your way.  Not entirely sure it’s a faithful representation of WWII.  I’m certain the Japanese didn’t shoot glowing plasma balls during that particular fracas but hey I’ll overlook that…

The current MAME World Record stands at 2,455,800 and is held by Vicente Morales and every entry in the top 5 are above 1,000,000 so if I’m to make a decent stab of this I need to be aiming for at least that.

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A Cafe, a Cafe! My Kingdom For A Cafe!

It’s a standard weekend morning scenario. One which is played out across the globe. Fuzzy headed and bleary eyed, I wake from my slumber. The fragrant remnants of last night’s alcohol and curry still “fresh” in my mouth. The one thing on my mind is the longing for another helping of grease to take the edge off the empty stomach cramps. A full English is in order but as there are 6 of us in the house and only 6 bacon rashers we are forced to enter the outside world (also known as Wakefield) and hunt for a greasy spoon. A full English complete with black pudding, fried bread and mug of builder’s tea is the only gastronomic concoction which will keep the threatening hangover at arms length. None of this cosmopolitan panini, mocha, latte, frappuccino, for us. No Siree.

You’d assume finding a greasy spoon would be an easy task but alas no. Wakefield, it seems, is devoid of a traditional good old British cafe. Yes, there’s Neptune Diner but it’s a tad too clean to be classed as a greasy spoon and anyway that wasn’t open. Aside from this, the rest the Merrie city has to offer are the old high street stalwarts; Marks and Spencer, McDonalds, Costa, Cafe Nero etc etc. All the independents are seemingly going continental and offering al-fresco dining in such luxurious locations as the newly refurbished Grey Bull Ring and next to the sick puddle outside the Sony Centre. The only other choice was Sainsbury’s which was hardly a short walk so back in the cars it was.

It was shut… Brilliant. It didn’t open until 10am. Quality. By now the troops were getting restless. Just how hard it is to obtain a decent breakfast? After much soul searching its either the world famous Red Beck or Kingsway Cafe in Ossett. Both of which are ten minute car rides away. The Kingway got the vote and at £4.50 for a large breakfast consisting of two bacon, two Eggs, two sausages, tomatoes, black Pudding, two slices of toast, beans, mushrooms and a mug of tea (with a free 2nd refill!) it did the trick, moods were lifted and all was good in world once more.  Kudos to them.

It seems that in Wakefield’s drive to become mini Leeds and go all continental on us they’ve left behind a british classic. The good old greasy spoon. Shame.

Joy Orbison

I first heard of Joy Orbison, known to his mum as Peter O’Grady, way back in July via Henry Barne’s New Music On Wednesday column on the Guardian website. Gilles Peterson then started playing it on his Worldwide show and now Zane Lowe is playing it to the wider masses too so chances are you’ve already heard this excellent slice of dance / dubstep / drum n bass / 2-step / or whatever it’s called today.  If not then get clicking and turn it up.

XLR8R have a link to a recent mix he’s done too. Clicky for the goods…

Whale I Never!

Crazy news day. A bottlenose whale has managed to swim up the River Clyde in Glasgow, just over a mile from the city centre.

British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) vet Cameron McPherson said he was worried the animal was unwell.
Mr McPherson said: “The glimpses of it I’ve had myself have been very fleeting, but the concern I do have is that it appears to have some muscle wastage across its back muscles, which would indicate it is in a negative energy balance and that it hasn’t been eating well for quite some time, which again doesn’t bode well.”

They better get a move on and come to it’s aid sharpish. Leave it any later and it’ll end up battered and deep fried. The Sassanachs seem to do it to everything else…