MAME WR No. 2 – 005

Next up is 005 by SegaActually the next game should be (Medal) Yumefuda [BET] which WolfMame states “THIS GAME DOESN’T WORK. You won’t be able to make it work correctly.  Don’t bother.
The colors are completely wrong.”  but I did anyway and well they’re correct.  Some mad Japanese headache inducing card thing.  When I recovered from my fit and turned it off I started on 005. According to KLOV “you play a spy who must take a briefcase and successfully navigate past guards to get to a waiting helicopter. The guards pursue you into dark warehouses and skating rinks. Defeat them with gas canisters.”  Twin Galaxies has 676,350 down as the MAME world record whilst the arcade record is 1,500,000 which Wikipedia claim to be the maximum score achievable.  Hmmm.  That’s some score then.  Maybe I can get within touching distance of the MAME WR at least…

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MAME WR No. 1 – ’88 Games

So I should really put my money where my mouth is and crack on with the MAME World Record attempts I mentioned in my earlier post

First up is ’88 Games by KonamiIt’s Konami’s third game in their button smashing series following Track and Field and Hyper Sports before it.  A quick check of Twin Galaxies show that they have a record for each of the individual events.  Now this might prove to be a problem as you can only move onto the next event once you’ve qualified for the preceding event.   The events are as follows with the Twin Galaxies record against each;

  • 100m Dash : 09.470 secs
  • Long Jump : 10.31 meters
  • 400m Relay (Qualifying Heat): 33.060 secs
  • Skeet Shooting : 20,000
  • 110m Hurdles : 11.440 secs
  • Archery : 5,150
  • Javelin : 108.48 meters
  • High Jump : 2.32 meters
  • 400m Relay – The Final Race : 33.060 secs

So lets see how I get on…

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Memories and MAME World Records

I’ve been a gamer pretty much as long as I can remember right from the Atari 2600, right through to your present day where Xbox 360s and PS3s hold pride of place in almost every house.  (Even the Redknapps play them…)  Most of those systems of the past 30 years take up the entire space under the spare bed and most of the loft space too much to the annoyance of the other half.  However, as a child and teenager nothing in the home could come close to the experience of throwing countless 10 pences down the neck of  an arcade machine.  Whether it was tapping your finger ends to bloody stumps playing Hyper Sports (I was always shit at weight lifting), getting motion sickness on the hydraulic Power Drift, crying at just how hard Ghosts and Goblins was or dislocating your wrist trying to pull off Zangief’s Spinning Piledriver in Street Fighter II, the Arcades were the absolute mecca. Continue reading “Memories and MAME World Records”