Need Cheering Up?

What a sporting week this has been for our nation. The national football team are more than likely not going to qualify for Euro 2008 championships after strugging against “footballng superpower” Russia. The Rugby Union team struggle to overturn the Springboks and Lewis Hamilton’s chance of capturing the F1 crown in his first season slips away from him at the final race in Brazil. If you give a shit then you’re probably down in the dumps and could do with cheering up. You could do worse than check out Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job for a quick laugh. First brought to my attention by a Peter Serafainwicz interview for the Guardian in which he claims it to be “the funniest US comedy for years”. Not sure about that but it does have it’s moments of brilliance particularly Dr Steve Brule. You can catch it on Adult Swim here in the UK (late night on Bravo) or in the States (late night Cartoon Network). For those who cant be arsed to sit up and wait for this or dont have Sky, cable, etc, here’s the first episode.

Enjoy !

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