Saturday is Classic Saturday #29

For your ears this week it’s hardcore rave from nearly 20 years ago. The word classic gets bandied around a lot in music, especially here on a Saturday, but they don’t come much more classic than this. For some this will conjure up memories of raves in fields, for others sticky nightclub dance floors, flared dungarees and dodgy tie dies. For me it’s my final school year and GCSE hell but time can’t temper the in-your-face Hoover noise that this track delivers after all the years. All together; “I Wanna Kiss Myself!”

Human Resource – Dominator (1991)

2 thoughts on “Saturday is Classic Saturday #29”

  1. i still have the original tucked away in my wall of Vinyl,
    The original was on R & S records which was Joey Beltrams label, i always remember watching them live on Top of The Pops, by the end of the song he was puffing and panting, T’was amusing.

  2. I’ve got it on R&S too.

    I remember some of my mates went up to hills above Holmfirth to pick some ‘shrooms. After a couple of hours, got a stash and walked back through the village with this little beauty blaring out of an 80’s type boom box at volume 11, much to the dismay of the onlooking biddies, tourists and locals!!


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