Glasto is almost upon us… Thursday plan

It’s nearly here so I may as well start planning my time there.  Not that Glastonbury plans are ever stuck to but you need some kind of battle plan before venturing onto the fields of Worthy Farm.

Maximo Park are kicking off the festival by staging a 2,000 capacity limit gig in the Queens Head.  Not sure I can be bothered with cramming in that tent so hopefully the promised screens will be up and a beer can help me take in their set.  Following them, again in the Queen’s Head is We Have Band.

A couple of hours for a wander about the site, taking in the weird and wonderful means you can take in the Groove Diggerz in at the fantastical berlesque Pussy Parlure speigeltent.  A quick skip across the way and you’re all set for a long haul at the Dance Lounge.  The cheese/well you’ve just got to see it to believe it/will Brian get run over by his own car on stage factor means you cannot miss East 17Raffertie‘s old skool rave meets dubstep, followed by Beardyman‘s supreme beatboxing, followed by the Unabombers and before you know it it’s 00:30.   Which means surely it’s got to be time for the obligatory trip up the stone circle to oversee the City of Glastonbury before heading back to the Dance Lounge and finishing off with Altern-8.  There’s something you simply cannot overlook. It’d be rude.  Top One Nice One Get Sorted. Now, where did I put that face mask and hoody.  🙂

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