Everybody else is doing so why can’t I?

In typical Johnny-come-lately fashion I’ve decided to commit the contents of my insignificant headguts on to the electronic superhighway. Yes, I’ve decided to create a blog. For the uninitiated and those who’ve been hiding in the back of Poundland for the last ten years and the last technical wonderment you gazed upon was Betamax, ZX spectrum, or speak-and-spell then this is the Internet you’re currently using. The Internet is not just a place to illegally swap and download music or catch the latest developments in the world of Dwarf porn, it’s also home to Weblogs or commonly known as Blogs. Blogs allow idiots like me to pontificate whenever and on whatever topics make our grey matter turn over on a day to day basis, to anyone who has had the misfortune to come across them. So if I’ve whetted your appetite with this somewhat over elaborate prose, the two of you can come back on a regular basis to see what shite I’m spouting. If the site isn’t updated regularly, (lets be honest that would be nothing new), I’ve probably died or due to my short attention span shifted my focus onto something else, like donkey dissection or the study of the relocation of Mbuti Pygmies from their African habitat to Milton Keynes. Thinking about it, that would make a great reality TV show. Episode 1 – Pygmie Roundabout Confusion. Head Pygmie confuses Milton Keynes roundabout with extinguised sun and takes his own life. Maybe I’ve stumbled on something there…

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