Interstellar Paul McCartney Transmissions

According to the news today Sir Paul McCartney has performed a live gig for an audience in space. An audience of 2……

Wow. Looks like the millions of dollars NASA have invested in the space program over the years are finally beginning to pay off. What next? Food Network shows on how to cook your next packet of space glob?

This is a foolish move on the behalf of NASA and their Russian counterparts. If there really are life forms out there, and should they have intercepted this transmission, what would they think of Earth? I tell you what they would have thought. “Look at the soft humans. Always singing about frogs. Quick Herzog !! Get the fleshy human destroying gun. The planet is ours”

To avoid such invasions we should be transmitting round the clock loops of Marilyn Manson or Rammstein. That should do. Or go one better. Send ’em up to space. Phil Collins gets my vote. No spacesuit required.

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