Celebrity Big Brother

The normal Big Brother (if you can call it that) gets my attention. Despite it being shown in the summer when I should be in beer gardens rather than in front of the idiot box, it is mindless TV. The idiots on there make me laugh but why do we allow washed up celebs and D-lists back on to TV in an effort to rejuvinate or in some cases apply the lethal injection to their careers? This is terrible TV of the highest order.

The most amusing thing to come out of this series (I dont watch it honest, I read the BBC news website) is scary fat-lipped scouser Pete Burns. Here are some quotes from the official Dead Or Alive website.

“In many ways Pete is Madonna’s counterpart”

Yeah on account of all the records he’s sold and the fact that he is a worldwide megastar….

“He has gone through a series of successful re-inventions in his long career”

What re-invention is that then? Stuffing his lips so they look like two slugs with high blood pressure?

Well apparently he is looking like being in trouble for wearing a coat made from Gorilla fur. If this turns out to be true they should set a big silverback on him.

Pete Burns Fella
Maybe then he could be forced to “spin right round baby” and be vigoursly entered by said Gorilla. That would teach him. Bummed to death on Live TV. Now that would get me watching it. Are you listening Channel 4?

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