How the hell can you tell?

I came across some interesting news recently;

Polish Police Are Searching For Farting Dissident

This prompted me to think, perhaps a little too much, on how is it we tell we whether a fart is being disrespectful? Could it be that the tone of the fart was merely misunderstood by the over zealous lawman? How do you explain to the lawman that the fart was complementary? That perhaps it was merely stating how beautiful his wife and children are and that he wishes them a long and prosperous life full of happiness and joy. Just because a farts stink doesn?t mean their hearts aren?t in the right place. Poland is clearly a frightening place to live and something where I, for I have been known to break wind on the odd occasion, wouldn?t like to end up after 12 pints of Stella and a Chicken Madras. If this is high crime in Poland, I’m never going. After all it must be up there with regicide and heroin smuggling for them to alert Interpol.

Bit of advice for you Polish, lay off the Bigos in future. All that cabbage can cause havoc with your guts. Next thing you know you’ll be up for the death sentence.

As for their Russian neighbors…..

Just how strong is that Vodka !?!?

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