Stupid Day & Glasto

April Fools Day… The day where you traditionally wind up your friends, colleagues and family with such pranks as killing the cat or defecating in the Sunday lunch. The whole inevitability that comes with April Fools day lessens the impact of the “humorous pranks” turning them into yawn-fests. The yawning becomes considerable when the big corporations get in on the act in an effort to LOL us to death. Google have been hard at work this year with their free in-home wireless broadband service and Gmail Paper which are both absolutely “hilarious” as is PC magazine’s 10 revolutionary Technologies which include a wi-fi Toothbrush and Helmet for the Nintendo Wii. Oh, oh, oh. Please stop. My sides hurt. We should be encouraging tomfoolery every day, not just on April 1st. Imagine what life would be like. It would certainly be more exciting. Imagine a day where pranks come at you from all sides, all day every day. Pull in for some fuel at the local garage. It blows up. Get a cup of coffee out of the machine at work, some japester has re-routed it via the toilet. Actually, I think that as already been done at my place of employment. Go to buy a PS3, the guy on the till tells you it costs £425. Think about it. It would be a fun place, if somewhat stressful.

On a separate note, I managed to get Glastonbury Tickets today after trying for an hour from them going on sale. Not too bad considering 400,000 people had pre-registered and there was only 137,500 tickets available. It doesn’t beat the 10 minutes it took me in 2005 however. All tickets sold out within a record breaking one hour 45 minutes which is hardly surprising considering applicants were permitted to purchase 4 tickets at once rather than 2 as usual. As is standard, the full lineup hasn’t been disclosed as yet but confirmed artists so far are Arctic Monkyes, The Who and Shirley Bassey. I better brush up on my Bassey so I seem “with it”. All together now; Gold-fin-geeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

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