Not dead then?

I am well aware that the updates on this site have not occurred over the past month or so. Simple fact of the matter is that I’ve been busy soaking up the summer sun and having fun at birthdays and the such. Of course, this is absolute bullshit. We have had what must amount to a total of 3 weeks of sun this summer. People are claiming this is down to global warming. They may be on to something as the rain was most definitely warm as it soaked me through to the bone on my way into the office.

It’s not all bad though. The new football season is upon us and it’s turning out to be the strangest season in for a long time. City top the league, Owen is back fit only to find he now plays for a team which he doesn’t fit in to, my beloved United can’t seem to score any goals (not helped by an injured Rooney, banned Ronaldo and a non-match fit Tevez) and are floundering at 16th, and I’m doing shite in the Fantasy Football. Nothing new there though.

It’s nice to see that the Internet never changes and is full of the usual oddballs. My brother brought to my attention an internet star in the making but for all the wrong reasons. JonnyMas93 aka Jonathan Masongsong of New York City is my new You Tube star find. Here is Jonny entertaining the virtual masses with his rendition of James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful”;

I like to think the reason he keeps looking to the left is in fear of the man pointing a gun forcing him to sing this god awful song out of key. Either that or he is singing it to his sister with whom he is having an incestuous relationship with. Who knows…

At least it isn’t as bad as the version of Mika’s Grace Kelly Jonny and his friend have committed to film

Car crash viewing par excellence.

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