MAME WR Attempt No. 16 – Mega Twins

Mega Twins

Remember back in the 80s and 90s when everything was Mega?  Mega Man, Mega Drive, Mega CD, and Megadeth.  Well cast your mind back to the arcades and you’ll recall there was also Mega Twins.  Back when I was a lad Mega Twins were the two girls on Fun House or the Alessi Twins from Neighbours but these two doppelgangers were stealing 10 pences quicker than you could say “I really do love Capcom and everything they release is the bestest ever. Please take all my money” or something…  Originally released in 1990 by Capcom in Japan as Chiki Chiki Boys, it is a side scrolling platformer.  The back story, if you can read the story on the attract mode quick enough, is that once upon a time a monster came to the paradise land of Alurea and kicked up a fuss.  1000 years of peace gone in a flash leaving the king’s twin infant sons as sole survivors.  Fifteen years later the lads have grown up a bit (although they don’t look fifteen years old to me) and set out on a quest for the legendary stone called “Dragon’s Blue Eyes”.  Legend has it that when the world is in danger, the stone will set all things right.  They’ll believe anything these two lads.

Over on Twin Galaxies there are only three submitted entries which is odd as I remember this being in the local arcade and was quite popular at the time.  First place is currently held by Clay W W Karczewski with a score of 187,880.  I’m coming at this a week into the Ten Pence Arcade challenge, so without further ado, I’m going in…

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MAME WR No. 15 – Dr. Micro

“Doctor Doctor my arcade cab has no PCB.”
“How does it work?”

This time around over on the excellent Ten Pence Arcade the high score challenge is for Dr Micro.  I think it’s fair to say we’re familiar with all the Drs.  Drs Watson, Mario, Spock, Oetker and the most famous, Alban but not so much the titular Dr Micro of this wondrous retro throwback.   Developed by Sanritsu, who would later go on to create the classic Bank Panic for Sega, and released in 1983, Dr Micro is a three screen platformer clearly drawing inspiration from Donkey Kong.  You control what one assumes to be the hero of the game.  A hero which looks to be a toddler in earmuffs wearing a jump suit in colours not dissimilar to Donkey Kong’s Jumpman.  Hey, if you can’t innovate, imitate right?  The toddler has to progress through the three aforementioned screens towards a climactic showdown with an evil scientist (he’s evil because he has a moustache) who bears a striking resemblance to Dr Eggman before the biscuit and pie addiction took hold.

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