MAME WR No. 12 – 4 En Raya

In preparation for this I couldn’t find any background to the game whatsoever. Even the hallowed KLOV website has no details regarding it. So anything I write here is based purely on playing the game.

4 en Raya was released in 1990 (not that you’d believe it by looking at it) by IDSA. The title translates as 4 in a row and that’s essentially what it is. Connect 4 but with a few twists. You can shoot your opponents tiles before they’re dropped. You can collect spiders and worms which fill the empty columns for bonus point and erm…erm…erm that seems to be it.

So, have you ever yearned to play Connect 4 on old hardware with terrible sound? What? No you say? Yeah, me neither but I’m going to have to…

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