www.chatroulette.com What NSFW was invented for…

So…chatroulette.com.  What an odd place that is. I first heard about it in an article in The Guardian Technology section.  Not for nothing does the article call it the “web’s weirdest outpost”. The site will randomly connect you and your webcam (should you choose to enable it) to a complete stranger’s webcam for an anonymous chat.   No login required, registration required, you just click and go.  You’ve no idea who’ll you get next.  Aside from dodging erections, amongst others I’ve had an half session with a chatty couple getting stoned on a Friday afternoon in Seattle,  an Iranian who couldn’t speak English but could converse in Techno, a girl who wanted me get my knob out, a man whose was completely covered in tin foil, a fat man shagging a stuffed raccoon and a toy camel who promised to answer any question I had.

This video, hosted over on Vimeo gives a decent overview;

and watch the following for a wacko sing into it.

If you do get chatting to someone halfway human it can be a laugh. However, I warn you though, if you get entrenched on there clicking next over and over, as someone pointed out over on the Guardian comments section “it’s a day destroyer”.

Saturday is Classic Saturday #25

With the excellent I’m New Here, Gil Scott-Heron’s first album for 16 years (listen via his website) out on Monday, it’s time to revisit one of his bona-fide classics on today’s “Saturday is…”. When faced with The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Home is Where The Hatred Is and Almost Lost Detroit to name but a few it’s not easy to pick just the one but I’m going with this beauty;

The Bottle (1974)

If that’s your cup of tea you can do worse than pick up the Winter in America album from whence it came. While you’re here check out “Me And The Devil” from his new album for a more modern take on things;

Remember…Keep it classic.