MAME WR No. 4 – 1941: Counter Attack

1941: Counter Attack

Developed by Capcom (always a stamp of quality in my eyes) and released in 1990 this is the three-quel (?) to the vertical scrolling classic 1942.  (The sequel being 1943: Battle Of Midway).    It’s still a standard vertical shump and as in 1942 the player collects power ups and shoots the hell out of all oncoming enemies whilst avoiding the shit they sling your way.  Not entirely sure it’s a faithful representation of WWII.  I’m certain the Japanese didn’t shoot glowing plasma balls during that particular fracas but hey I’ll overlook that…

The current MAME World Record stands at 2,455,800 and is held by Vicente Morales and every entry in the top 5 are above 1,000,000 so if I’m to make a decent stab of this I need to be aiming for at least that.

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